Email Marketing Solution

Email marketing campaign is a proven way to dramatically increase the effectiveness of your web presence. Email marketing is the cheapest & fastest digital advertising campaign to help you reach your targeted audience. It is still an effective vehicle to deliver a marketing message and stay in touch with your customers and prospects. Wave Evolution has been perfecting email marketing for over a decade and we believe that email marketing offers more opportunities and value than it did a decade ago.

Outsource / Managed Email Marketing Services

In modern economy, contracting out of your email marketing activities to professional email marketing agency has became popular for busy companies. We offer full-service outsource email marketing services focused on results of your email campaigns. Each customer receives a dedicated account manager who will assist you to ensure your email marketing campaigns always achieve optimum results. As an experienced email marketing firm together with our expertise and industry knowledge, we can provide ideas that will improve your email campaign. We provide email broadcasting services using high speed email server, with detailed report: delivery statistics, open rate, no. of unsubscribers, no. of clicks, etc...

Self-Managed & Enterprise Email Marketing Software Solution

A web-based email marketing software, this allow you to easily design HTML and text based newsletter, deliver personalized emails to your target audiences through mailing lists and improve your business by boosting your email advertising and communication. With our email marketing software you can reach out and communicate with your customers using an easy, affordable and effective platform. Reports and statistics will be provided on each email marketing campaign including views, opens, clicks on each links and also managing on their subscribers. Our email marketing software is easy for organizations of all sizes to create, send and track professional email marketing campaigns that give you an extra edge. We also offer Enterprise Email Marketing Solution, this solution is suitable for organizations in need of a efficient and strong mass email sending solution to hundreds of thousands or even millions of emails. Unlike typical email marketing services, the Enterprise Email Marketing Solution allows unlimited email sending without restrictions with unlimited mail lists storage. It is made possible to setup our email marketing application on a dedicated IP address & server. This will involve setting up your very own email marketing server with a Dedicated IP, Authentication (Sender Policy Framework and DomainKeys Identified Mail), Reverse DNS pointed to your server's hostname.

HTML Email Newsletter Design

Do you require a unique newsletter or campaign design to match your branding? We create beautiful and functional email newsletter branded to your business that look stunning across a variety of platforms and devices. Click here to view our e-newsletter design portfolio gallery.

Email Marketing Software Features

Our email marketing software is equipped with features that support every stage of your email campaign development process to help you manage email lists, delivery & track.

Very Easy to Use

Only one page setting to setup your email campaign before sending! Very simple interface to manage, send & track your email newsletter with our easy-to-use email marketing software.

Contact List Management

Import, organize and send to contact lists and segments. During import process, the system automatically removes duplicate emails and wrong format email addresses.

Email Templates

We provide pre-designed templates for your convenience - just pick one, edit your message, adding your brand colors, images, links, and text and you are good to go!

HTML Editor & Coder

If you have no HTML knowledge or design experience, use our pre-designed templates to start off. If you have your own HTML source code ready, just paste to our editor and you are ready to send! For professional, you may even start a message from scratch.

Unique & Personalized Content

The system allows you to dynamically add content to your email such as subscriber's name, title, etc. Greet your subscriber with their name and much more!

Real Time Reports & Tracking

Track and analyze the performance of email campaigns with real-time results reporting that shows key stats such as open rates, clicks, bounces, unsubscribes.

Sign-Up Forms

Put our sign-up forms on your website to grow and build permission-based email marketing lists.

Email Delivery

With a team of delivery & network specialists, we have our own delivery infrastructure to deliver your email to inboxes. We setup DKIM, SenderID, SPF, and Domain Keys, ISP Feedback Loops, Bounce Management to maximize delivery to inboxes.

Dedicated Email Server (Enterprise Level)

We have a special service for high volume senders that offers a dedicated email server. Our expertise in email marketing enables us to setup a highly scalable email marketing system with high email delivery.

Local Support

We are serious to do business with you - call our local phone or email and even on-site training at your office! No more submit ticket or online feedback forms; call us direct to solve your problem within minutes!

Email Marketing Software Videos

In these 4 video tutorials below, we will walk you through the process and instructions on how easy it is to use our email marketing system. Please also turn on your speakers to hear the voice-over.

Ready to get started?

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