Google AdWords Advertising

Google AdWords advertising is an advertising platform that allows you to advertise your products and services on Google's network. This included Gmail, YouTube, Google+, as well as affiliated content sites. With Google Adwords Pay Per Click advertising you can reach people when they are actively looking for your products and services in Google search engine. You only pay when people click on your ad and it is easy to control costs allowing you to set monthly or daily budgets.

Why Google AdWords?

- No budget limit
- Targeted keywords of your selection
- No minimum contract
- Targeted location of your selection
- Only PAY when people clicks on your ads
- Allow many ads format including text, image, and video ads
- It is easy, fast and simple to setup
- Easy to keep trace ads performance

Common Google AdWords Campaign's Objectives

- To get your brand name out there when you just launched a new product or service
- To get people to sign up for a particular event or service or promotion
- To protect your reputation online by promoting positive messages (usually in response to a crisis)
- To build a database for future communications (for example, entry to a competition)
- To generate leads or sales

Generally we can start a Google AdWords campaign at very low budget, but it can be vary widely depending on number of required keywords, keyword research requirements and construction time. Our Google Adwords management service includes:
- Keyword Research and Selection
- AdWord Design and Setup
- Writing Advertising Copy and Descriptions
- Pay Per Click Bid Management
- Monitoring Keyword and Campaign Performance
- Ongoing Campaign Budget Management
- Revising Copy and Bids
- Performance Reports

Ready to get started?

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